Woman Sustained for Evicting Nieces and Nephews: ‘Garbage Parenting’

Kids playing in play area

A woman found help online after banning her sister-in-law and her children from her home, and many believe she made the right choice.

The now-viral Reddit post, titled “AITA for not allowing my SIL [sister-in-law] and her children in my house when my husband is not at home,” has been upvoted 10,700 times since it was shared on June 2. Redditor @Intelligent-Bear1617 shared the post on the subreddit “Am I the asshole, and the original poster (OP) revealed that her husband’s older sister has three children aged 6, 8 and 9.

According Statistical, a 2021 global survey found that 57% of respondents judge parents for the way their child or children behave. Additionally, 59% revealed that they also judge parents on how they handle the child’s behavior.

A woman was backed for kicking out her nieces and nephews. Here, three children playing in a ball pool in a playground.

The OP revealed that his sister-in-law allows many behaviors that can be ‘destructive or messy’ from her children, and she explained that it’s totally ‘fine’ in her in-laws’ house. . But in the PO house, she doesn’t like it.

Her husband once told his sister she needed to “clarify” that their house rules aren’t the same as hers, but she just “dismissed” her brother.

These kids will kick a ball around inside, breaking our belongings more than once, bouncing off furniture with shoes and leaving stains on it, emptying storage containers in our house onto the floor and walk away with what they wanted to get, leaving the rest there.

Original poster

The OP added: ‘These kids will kick a ball indoors, break our belongings more than once, bounce on furniture with shoes and leave stains on them, emptied storage containers in our house on the floor and walked away with whatever they wanted to get, leaving the rest there.”

She and her husband both “stepped in” and asked them not to engage in this type of behavior, and the response they received was, “You are not our mother/father”.

The OP is obviously aware this is true, but it’s their home. She revealed that they had things in place just for the kids to go get the item anyway. They told them not to wear shoes inside and the kids told them no.

The woman continued: “They also have other balls when we remove them while they play with them inside. They are the same at my house. [in-law’s] lodge. The oldest even said [my] THREAD [father-in-law] to f**k off when he fixed them. So, I made the decision that if my husband wants to take care of everything he can, but while I’m home without him, they don’t come.”

Recently, the OP’s sister-in-law tried to come with her children while her brother was working. The OP told her that she “wasn’t allowed in” and that she needed to talk to her brother and figure out when he would be home, and then she could come if he allowed it.

Apparently the woman’s sister-in-law was “pissed off” and the OP’s husband told his sister he had chosen not to let her in the house anymore either. However, the PO is “the worst offender” in the eyes of his sister-in-law.

‘Am I the a**hole?’

Over 600 comments have poured in on the virus situation, and people overwhelmingly believe the OP is not the culprit. Many people criticized the OP’s sister-in-law for the way she allowed her children to act as well.

This is a parental failure on the part of your SIL. She did not teach her children good manners and respect for others. You don’t have to suffer the consequences of his inaction.

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“NTA [not the a**hole]“, said a Redditor. “This is a failure of parenting on the part of your SIL. She did not teach her children good manners and respect for others. You don’t have to suffer the consequences of his inaction.”

In a comment to another user, a Redditor admitted that he wouldn’t even categorize the woman’s actions as ‘parental trash’, adding, “There’s no parenting here at all! I don’t I wouldn’t want those little shits in my house either. I wouldn’t put up with any of this from my kids.

Another user wondered who really wants “hooligans in his house?” They reasoned if the mother doesn’t “control” her children and let them act like they have been in other homes, soon it won’t just be the OP who stops having the family.

“The fact that the children are brats who talk badly and don’t listen to the adults is entirely up to your SIL, and then she should face the consequences,” they added. “It doesn’t matter if she thinks you’re TA [the a**hole]. You can at least live in peace in your own home without damage and without breaking anything.”

One user doesn’t think the OP deserves their house to be “angry” because they have a sister-in-law who doesn’t “discipline” her kids. “I honestly couldn’t have taken it,” they said. “If those kids had said outright ‘no,’ they wouldn’t be allowed to stay. Your house. Your rules.”

What a horrible parent she is to her children and frankly, you put up with it too long before you kick them out.

Original poster

Some people didn’t mince words with their thoughts on the matter. Another user weighed in with their verdict of NTA, or not the a**hole. “What a horrible parent she is to her kids and frankly you put up with it too long before you kicked them out,” they said. “It’s good for you to stick to your guns.”

Another Redditor thinks the OP should ask her sister-in-law if she’d let her into her own house “after you repeatedly broke her property, disrespected her, messed up her house, or messed with her.” left dirty. She can’t decide how your home is treated, if you set limits they must be obligated.”

Newsweek has reached out to Redditor @Intelligent-Bear1617 for comment.

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