Woman supported for not having exchanged meals with her pregnant cousin: “Stop complaining”

Woman backed for not swapping meal

Commenters have praised a woman for not swapping meals with her pregnant cousin after saying the smell of her pasta made her sick.

The anonymous woman, known as u/aita_burgers_, job about the incident on Reddit’s popular “Am I the a**hole” forum where he received over 11,000 upvotes and 1,300 comments.

According to Healthline, hyperosmia — an increased sense of smell — is a common symptom of pregnancy and can cause nausea and migraines. Studies showed that nearly two-thirds of pregnant women suffered from hyperosmia.

The heightened sense of smell can make certain foods smell foul, especially meat and fish.

Commentators have defended a woman for not swapping meals with her pregnant cousin, calling her a “rights holder”. An increased sense of smell, or hyperosmia, is a common symptom of pregnancy and can cause nausea and migraines.

In the post titled “AITA for not swapping meals with my pregnant cousin?” the woman, 24, said she recently went out to dinner with her family. At dinner, she ordered a burger with fries, while her pregnant cousin Alison, 29, ordered a pasta dish.

When the food arrived, Alison asked if she could swap her pasta for the burger as she “didn’t like the smell” of it.

“I said sorry but I want my burger and maybe she can swap with someone else,” the post read. “She said she suddenly wanted a burger and no one else had ordered one. I told her she could order again.”

Alison replied that she wouldn’t “waste money” ordering another dish because she was saving for the baby. She also said she was willing to pay the difference on her meal because the pasta was more expensive.

“I kept saying no, she got really pissed off and said I don’t understand the difficulties of pregnant women,” the post read. “My mum saw and told me I should just trade and I was acting like a kid, I said Alison was acting like a kid. Alison said she was hurt and I don’t understand the pregnancy .”

The original poster (OP) said she started eating her burger to make people stop asking her to trade, but her mom later said she “created a scene” for no reason. Her mum also said she should have been more understanding since Alison is pregnant.

“She said she ‘lost face’ in front of my aunt. Now I wonder if I should have swallowed it all and traded?” the read message.

More than 1,300 users commented on the post, with many criticizing Alison for being “straight”.

“NTA. Pregnancy is not a free pass to demand special treatment,” one user commented, receiving nearly 19,000 upvotes. “If Alison wanted a burger, she was free to order another one. If that couldn’t be done, she was free to eat the pasta and stop complaining.”

“I can understand her being put off by the smell of something during pregnancy. However, her excuse of wanting to save money instead of ordering something else is pretty lame. Rather, she has a right to expect OP to give up his meal.”

Other users recalled their food aversions, but still criticized Alison’s behavior.

“With my pregnancy, the smell of chicken was horrible. Even our cats couldn’t have chicken flavored cat food for several months,” one user commented. “But I certainly didn’t expect anyone else to switch meals with me. I just chose not to eat at the restaurant where I could smell the chicken.”

“For me it was lamb. I still can’t stand the smell. And I too have survived 4 pregnancies without ever being a jerk to the people around me,” another wrote.

Newsweek contacted u/aita_burgers_ for comment.

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