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Pregnancy Concerns: 5 Surprising Things You Shouldn’t Do While You're Pregnant

With the joy and excitement of pregnancyfuture parents are often very worried. Is there anything you can do to ensure that you and your baby stay healthy and safe throughout the months leading up to delivery?

Here are five surprising things you shouldn’t do while pregnant:

1. Don’t leave your blood pressure worries to your doctor

I have always recommended that women check their blood pressure daily at home. In fact, I suggest women find out what their baseline blood pressure is before they get pregnant. If your blood pressure goes above 120/80 or increases 30 points above your first blood pressure, call your doctor.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that if your blood pressure reaches 150/100, you should consider delivering your baby.


2. Don’t ride a bike outside

Lots of people ride bikes and you might be one of them. But when you are pregnant, I do not recommend cycling outside because of the risk of falling or overturning. But of course, if you’re doing the exercise bike indoors, just carry on as you were as long as you’re comfortable.

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3. Do not change diet during pregnancy

You may have been on some kind of diet before you got pregnant. After all, who can avoid dieting in some form these days? Now is not the time to try to fast or avoid carbs. In fact, you should eat like a diabetic. Three meals with a combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and three snacks.

Eat ice cream, but make sure it’s full of fat. Now is not the time to cut out the fat.

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4. Avoid public swimming

Public swimming pools are full of chemicals that you should probably avoid, including children’s urine. This includes the swimming pool of your apartment complex. How about your own personal spa? Uh, probably not. Anything containing chemically treated water should be avoided.

And the ocean? The water may be salty, but it is not germ-free. Also, it’s not a good time to get caught in a rising tide.

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5. Don’t change your exercise routine

Now is not the time to become an extreme cyclist. You can continue any exercise program before you get pregnant, but now is not the time to add extra moves to your routine. And feel free to downsize if you feel like it.

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