Parenting programs are a better way to tackle violence than curfews

Parenting programs are a better way to tackle violence than curfews

A recent op-ed by faith leaders on alternatives to curfews for violence prevention cites a critical root cause of the tragic and longstanding statistic of youth violence: the need for informed, healthy and effective parenting. .

The unacceptable level of crime in our city is due to many factors: poverty and inequality, poor job opportunities in disadvantaged neighborhoods, high drop-out rates, and tensions between law enforcement and those communities.

In addition to these factors (and as the editorial states), “We need a massive public education campaign aimed at helping parents keep their children safe.”

“Parent and family-based interventions are among the most promising strategies for producing long-term reductions in youth violence,” the World Health Organization wrote in a report on youth violence. .

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But we have yet to tap into the many ways to implement this proven solution to a horrific public health problem.

One such resource is ParentAble. What began as a student-led initiative at Evanston Township High School has evolved into a statewide legislated parenting program in Illinois high schools, led by the State Representative Robyn Gabel.

This is a concrete example of how elected officials can make a difference. This program breaks the cycle of unintended harmful parenting and provides a foundational understanding of children’s developmental needs and evidence-based positive parenting practices.

These practices result in better school attendance, better academic results, fewer discipline problems and less criminal behavior.

ParentAble is one of many parenting education programs. The editorial highlights the deep need to pivot towards a concerted mission to help every parent and caregiver provide structure, love and responsibility.

Katharine Bensinger, Evanston

Remember the children killed in gun violence

Memorial Day is the annual remembrance of American military personnel who have fought and died in action in wars. Americans are learning that these heroes died to protect our democracy; therefore, their ultimate sacrifice is the price of our freedom.

Sadly, America does not set aside a day to remember and mourn the victims of gun violence. Don’t the 19 children of Uvalde, Texas, the 20 children of Newtown, Connecticut, and the thousands of others who were slaughtered by gunfire deserve to be remembered and honored? Are these sacrificial lambs also the price of our Second Amendment freedoms?

Reid Mackin, Rogers Park

NRA Scares Gun Owners, Drives Up Sales

Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg once quoted a typically hysterical NRA mailing to its members, which was no doubt intentionally intended to scare gun owners into warning that their guns would be “forcibly confiscated.” by the government”.

This message is the same tired trash that the NRA has been peddling, quite effectively, for years. They often warned gun owners that President Barack Obama was going to confiscate all their guns, remember? Arms sales have exploded.

My question to all gun owners: how many of your guns were confiscated while Obama was president? Please be specific.

Bob Chimis, Elmwood Park

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