Mushroom decor inspiration – Brit + Co

Mushroom decor inspiration - Brit + Co

Decor is an ever-changing way to show off your style, and whether you like groovy 70s pieces or you’re a cottagecore girl at heart, mushroom decor will make your residence feeling like a storybook the whole time. They are different colorsshapes and sizes ranging from DIY options from figurines to stuffed animals, and all of these pieces will add amazing detail to any room.

Multi Mushroom Pink Iron Stake ($58)

Add pastel (and relatively realistic) mushroom detail to your garden or planters. You’ll get all the cute mushroom details, but you can move it wherever and whenever you want.

Mushroom storage bin

Mushroom storage bin ($48)

Storage can be functional, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Add super cute style to your playroom or closet with this mushroom box. You can also use it as a laundry basket!

Concrete garden mushroom figurine

Concrete garden mushroom figurine ($20)

If you want a smaller mushroom decor, opt for this concrete figurine that you can put with the rest of your plants. We love that it’s gray because it will add a fun shape to your garden but let other plants show their colors.

mushroom basket

mushroom basket ($39)

This basket is large enough to store books, toys or accessories, but also small enough to fit on shelves if you’re trying to save floor space.

Mushroom Lid Mug

Mushroom Lid Mug ($9)

We know that lids can kind of defeat the purpose of a mug (you have to have an open top to drink from it, after all), but these are just too cute. Plus, the lids will keep your drink hot.

Mushroom Organic Cotton Percale Bed Set

Mushroom Organic Cotton Percale Bed Set ($39+)

If you don’t have extra room for an entire mushroom decor, consider adding mushroom sheets to your bed! This set is made from 100% organic cotton and has plenty of colors to match your existing color palette.

Mushroom cutting board

Mushroom cutting board ($35)

Who wants an ordinary cutting board when you can have one with mushrooms, berries and SNAILS? ! So we are adding it to our list of kitchen essentials.

Maddalena Mushroom Stool

Maddalena Mushroom Stool ($100)

This stool is like a two-for-one deal. It’s a functional place to stand or sit, but it’s also an understated way to add mushroom-chic style to any room.

Mushroom turnovers

Mushroom turnovers ($16)

We have a friend we immediately thought of when we saw this set, and they responded to the image with “Sorority of Travel Mushroom Booties 🍄.” Add this mushroom decor to your windowsill or desk, or gift it to a friend!

Mushroom Canvas Print

Mushroom Canvas Print ($16+, was $22+)

If traditional mushroom decor isn’t your style, don’t worry. This poster is both inspirational and artistic.

Mushroom Wallpaper

Removable mushroom wallpaper ($59+)

Spice up your walls with multicolored mushrooms wallpaper which comes in strips. You can cover a wall, or part of your wall, then peel it off when you want to change it!

Peek-A-Boo Tumbler Glass

Peek-A-Boo Tumbler Glass ($14, available July 5, 2022)

Add some fun to your daily water intake or surprise your friend by serving them soda or cold brew without telling them that the glass contains a fungus.

Smoko food light

Smoko food light ($22)

Smoko lights are some of our favorite things because it’s like having a cute little companion with you at your desk.

Paint by number for adults

Paint by number for adults ($17)

This pick is definitely one of the funniest mushroom decor pieces on this list, as it will make for a fun DIY afternoon and become wall art when you’re done!

mushroom garlands

Mushroom Fairy Lights ($13)

Add these string lights to your porch, around your closet, or above your bed. Not only are they cute, but they will also serve as the perfect reading night light.

Mushroom incense holder with 30 incense sticks

Mushroom incense holder ($15)

Replace your regular incense holder with one that looks like mushrooms in a garden. It comes with 30 incense sticks, but even when you don’t burn the incense, it gives a nice mushroom decor.

mushroom wall art

Framed Canvas botanical mushroom ($169)

The fun pastels of this wall art are a nice change from the earthy neutrals that usually accompany mushroom decor. It will be a playful addition to your children’s room or yours!

Teak Mushroom Mini

Teak Mushroom Mini ($20)

We love mini decor pieces because of the detail they can add. Choose other pieces of different heights or widths when setting them up – three is always a good number to start with!

white and red mushroom wall art

Pauline Stanley Studio Wall Art ($94)

This wall art features the classic white and red capped mushrooms, and the hand-painted look and simple design are easy to pair with other pieces.

Mushroom table lamp

Mushroom table lamp ($140)

A tree trunk side table isn’t necessary when you have this mushroom lamp, but we certainly won’t discourage you from getting it ;). We love how the faded blue and yellow complement each other.

Squishmallows Malcolm Mushroom

Squishmallows Malcolm Mushroom ($32)

We’ve mentioned a few mushroom decor pieces on this list that are cute, but this is one item you can *actually* snuggle up with.

Wooden mushroom toys

Wooden mushroom toys ($10+)

Use these toys to teach kids about nature or as a discreet addition to your shelves. They are made of biodegradable wood and are finished with olive oil and beeswax.

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