Liam Payne’s confession about co-parenting Cheryl on Logan Paul podcast leaves fans angry

Liam Payne's confession about co-parenting Cheryl on Logan Paul podcast leaves fans angry

Former One Direction star Liam Payne has caused a stir online following an admission about co-parenting his son that left fans “speechless”.

Former One Direction star Liam Payne has caused a stir online over his confession to co-parenting his son with his ex-partner, leaving fans “speechless”.

In a wide-ranging discussion on YouTuber Logan Paul’s controversial podcast, impulsivethe 28-year-old – who shares four-year-old Bear with her ex, British singer Cheryl – said she took the reins to care for their child.

Payne described the 38-year-old man he met when he was a candidate for The X Factor in 2008, and dated between 2016 and 2018, as the “world’s best mom,” adding, “I couldn’t ask for more.”

But it’s what he said next that has netizens and social media fans aroused, prompting them to call him the ‘absent father’ who left Cheryl to bear the brunt of raising their son alone.

“The relationship we have now as friends has only grown. We broke up for a reason and now it gives me full autonomy in my life to be able to go and do what I’m doing, and at the same time I know [Bear] is taken care of because he is all that matters to her,” he said.

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The singer added that he takes his son to school once or twice a week, saying it’s “so much fun and I know he loves it too”.

“The other day he was sleeping and his mom said to him, ‘Good morning sunshine’. And then my deep voice came in saying ‘Good morning’ and he said ‘huh!

“And he said, ‘Wow dad, that was the biggest surprise of my life, you’re here today’. That’s the best shit, taking care of him and watching him grow.

The former boy band star also said he’s been “in constant conversation” with himself about Bear’s future and has set up several businesses which he will take to his son.

“He can exploit them one day if he wants to, or if he wants to, he can sell them. It’s his choice,” Payne said.

“I always stick to where I am, I owe it to him. My life is now his, my money is his.

But under a viral clip on ICT Tac Dissecting the comments, posted by user @fionnualajay, users described Payne’s parenting style as more “Daddy Warbucks”, saying the four-year-old would more likely prefer his company than his money.

“‘I may be an absent dad but that’s ok cause I replace love with money,'” one wrote, posing as Payne’s confession.

“So what he’s saying is he can live without parental responsibility and he’s glad she’s doing all of that,” another commented.

“Translation: I can do whatever I want and she has to do all the hard work of parenthood…but I take her to school twice a week! I can pay it! writes a third.

“That’s what I always thought… he just messed around while she brought him up – I didn’t expect him to say it out loud,” one woman commented. another adding, “I’m still speechless.”

It wasn’t the only parental comment Payne made during the conversation that raised some eyebrows.

Elsewhere, he admitted to Paul that having Bear with Cheryl “ruined their relationship – but for all the right reasons”.

“I love talking to other new dads. You don’t know what’s coming and it’s different,” he said.

“And to be honest with you, it ruined a relationship for me at the time, but for all the right reasons. I was so excited for him to be born that I was worried that I didn’t love him enough.

Payne explained that Cheryl suffered a “pretty bad” hemorrhage during childbirth, which meant he had to care for Bear alone for the first 24 hours.

“It was me and a baby in the room and I was 23 and had to take care of it and I didn’t even have little sisters or anything. It was fun,” he said.

“At the end of the night I was playing FIFA with my little boy on my arm like ‘this is the coolest thing ever’.”