Husband Underestimates the Seriousness of Pregnancy Cravings and Reddit Rightly Roasts Him

Husband Underestimates the Seriousness of Pregnancy Cravings and Reddit Rightly Roasts Him

Pregnancy cravings are serious business – and I say this as someone who was once brought to literal tears in a food court because the restaurant was out of my choice of dressing. I also voraciously devoured an entire package of turkey slices straight from my friend’s grocery bag, and raided the refrigerator for fruit, only finding half-rotten grapes and eating them anyway. When you’re pregnant, the intensity of cravings is amazing and will make you behave downright animal.

So when a husband on Reddit‘s”IATA“The forum wanted opinions on a situation of needing a pregnancy, the commenters came in – but maybe not in the way they were hoping for.

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“My wife is pregnant and has a lot of food cravings,” he began in his post. “[W]We received some of my friends and I had prepared two dinners. I had cooked mac and cheese and also cooked a traditional dish from my wife’s country. My wife craved traditional food and said she wouldn’t eat mac and cheese so she could eat the traditional dish.

Let’s repeat that last line: his pregnant wife craved traditional food and said she wanted that instead of macaroni and cheese. End of story, right? Bad.

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The Redditor went on to say that his wife was feeling a little sick – like pregnant women do – and went to bed, saying she would eat later when she got up. But then the friends swarmed the traditional dish like a pack of grasshoppers, leaving the mac and cheese largely untouched. “Then another friend of mine arrived and I asked him if he wanted to eat and he said yes. I saw that there was only one plate of the traditional dish left but out of politeness I had to ask what he preferred and he said the traditional dish so I gave him the last plate,” he continued.

People? He gave. His friend. The last plate.

Half an hour later, the Redditor’s wife woke up ready to eat. But no: “She went to make her plate and saw that the traditional dish was over and she got angry and said ‘you didn’t save me some?’ He told her that “the guys wanted to try”. to which she responded with tears and reminded him that the reason he made the dish in the first place was because she wanted to.

“She went to bed in tears and ate nothing. She didn’t want macaroni and cheese. My friends told me she was acting like a spoiled brat and that I should ignore her, but I can’t help but feel like an AH for not saving her a plate,” the husband concluded. .

First of all. Sir. Your wife isn’t acting like “a spoiled brat” – she’s acting like a pregnant woman whose very intense desire has been stifled by a bunch of selfish assholes. And two, those selfish morons shouldn’t drag the woman incubating your offspring.

Reddit agreed wholeheartedly and wasted no time in letting the hubby know that he was, indeed, the AH. “His pregnant wife!” Carry her child. Keeping him a plate is the least he can do. His friends should be on the woman’s side, if I was the last minute friend and ate the last plate not knowing the woman wanted it, I’d be mad he didn’t tell me. I hope OP sleeps on the couch, that’s such a dick move,” one commenter said.

“OP does not want to defend his wife, as she spends 9 months pregnant with their baby. What an AH,” chimed in another.

“YTA! I’m mad for your wife reading this,” said Redditor IHateCamping. “Your friends are a bunch of assholes too. that the other dish is for your wife. Period. You could have at least saved a plate for her. I hope you fired your friends when they started saying SHE was spoiled when they couldn’t even keep their filthy paws off of his food. You are going to be a father now, do better.

Here’s hoping the dad-to-be has learned a valuable lesson about toying with a woman’s pregnancy cravings…and that his poor wife gets all the food she wants from now on!

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