From May to Badhaai Do, 8 movies and shows that broke stereotypes with their approach to motherhood

From May to Badhaai Do, 8 movies and shows that broke stereotypes with their approach to motherhood

Being a parent and conceiving a child has always been the most important topic of discussion in our society. So much so that it is naturally associated with marriage. However, motherhood and raising a child is a choice, and it is not limited to one method either. While some Bollywood films have talked about surrogacy and adoption in the past, these topics have not been addressed in a positive light or honest portrayal.

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In practice, it’s a much bigger picture than what’s shown to us – from process to how parents are emotionally affected.

We still don’t have a lot of web series or movies that show these topics deliberately. But here are a few who have tried to do so:

1. Mimi

The 2021 comedy-drama is the first movie that comes to mind, when you think of a recent example that was about adoption and surrogacy. Mimi explored both subjects with a broader perspective than films of yesteryear and tried to bring the right questions to mainstream cinema. There were, however, a few problematic scenes and endings – for one, when it comes to abortion, which indirectly called into question the choice.

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2. What people

This mini-series by Dice Media is an honest take on modern families that are also flawed. In the final season, the storyline shifts to adoption and how Nikhil and Anita (the protagonists) juggle the process, while dealing with their emotions. what people discusses the importance of the subject without being preachy, and also shows us the changes or doubts that could accompany it.

what people
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3. May

May starring Sakshi Tanwar, was about motherhood and the emotions that come with it. However, the web series also talked about relative adoption – where Sheel’s (Sakshi Tanwar’s character) son Archit was adopted by his sister-in-law. Sheel and her adoptive mother have a different relationship with Archit, and the show has managed to emphasize how motherhood means different things to different women.

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4. Good Newwz

The comedy-drama may have sidelined other important topics like adoption and abortion, but it tried to spark a conversation about unconventional pregnancy methods like IVF. In a setting typical of Indian society, the film revolves around the mindset of conceiving and raising a child, which can come with a lot of pressure. He then focused on the central theme of IVF pregnancy.

Good Newwz
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5. Badnaam Gali

The light comedy film is about the stereotypes associated with surrogacy and the women who choose to be surrogates. Badnaam Gali was the start of a conversation that we haven’t seen at its best in most Bollywood movies. With its humour, the film tries to comment on the society which questions or disapproves of the women who choose this method of pregnancy and, by extension, maternity.

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6. Badhaai Ho

While the film doesn’t directly address unconventional methods of pregnancy, it does revolve around conception at a later age — and the complications surrounding it. The film also aimed to highlight the ongoing stigma and shame associated with older characters’ exploration of sexuality. Badhaai Ho was a subtle, grounded take on the subject.

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7. Philhal…

Directed by Meghna Gulzar, this film was about surrogacy long before. Although the film also added drama to the storyline, it still managed to spark conversation at the time. It also focused on the realities associated with surrogacy – both practically and emotionally. Starring Sushmita Sen, Tabu, Sanjay Suri and Palash Sen, the film was released in 2002.

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8. Badhaai Do

Badhaai Do not only talked about the concept of lavender marriage, but also focused on the issue of adoption for same-sex couples in the country. Also, unlike other family dramas, the film was comparatively shown in a more adoption-positive light. He managed to change the narrative and introduce another important topic, naturally without too much force.

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