Esports For Parents brings the latest topics in esports, gaming and parenting

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Sean and Deb Nicholson, creators of Esports For Parents, present a new resource for all things esports, gaming, and a parenting perspective on raising a child who aspires to play esports.

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E-sports for parents unveiled a brand new blog focusing on topics related to esports, gaming and how parents can help their children discover opportunities in the emerging online world video game and esports.

“The platform leads the way in working to understand the ever-changing world of online gaming and esports. Whether it’s information about specific games, college, scholarships, or even parenthood, Esports For Parents has you covered,” says Sean Nicholson of Esports For Parents.

Sean, himself a parent, gamer and technologist, spent much of his teenage and adult life playing video games.

“There are a lot of parents who grew up playing Pac-Man and Donkey Kong in middle school and high school at the local arcade and games on their Atari 2600, PlayStation or Sega Genesis. Those same parents are now raising kids who grew up with games like Fortnite, Rocket League and Minecraft,” says Sean.

Like kids who want to grow up to be professional football or tennis players, Sean says many kids also aspire to become professional esports athletes or work in the gaming industry as developers, designers and even coaches.

Sean and Deb Nicholson created the blog to be able to share their journey and vision as parents in the world of online gaming and esports. They also wanted to provide answers to questions they heard from other parents of gamers.

“As parents of a child who grew up playing Rocket League and played on a college Rocket League team, we thought it might be helpful to share our experiences and create content that helps parents of gamers and aspiring Esports athletes to understand how to talk with their gamer, what to expect in the esports industry, and learn more about the video games their kids are playing,” says Deb, parent, avid jigsaw and medical professional.

For example, for parents with kids or teens who spend a lot of time playing DOTA 2, Esports For Parents shares some nuggets of knowledge about the game that might help parents and players understand it better.

On the other hand, kids try to convince their parents that a career in esports and professional gaming is a real thing can check out Esports For Parent’s article which provides tips for opening the dialogue and growing the conversation over time.

Additionally, Esports For Parents has resources like a full article on some great cold or hot weather gift ideas for gamers who struggle to keep their hands, feet and ears warm or cold during marathon gaming sessions. Parents can also find gift ideas for gamers who love to play Call of Duty and how they can help show their passion for the game.

Sean and Deb are also leading the charge by posting comprehensive blog posts on the biggest games in Esports and some information on the most popular games, which ones have the biggest tournament pools, and more.

Those who want to read more about Esports For Parents or check out his latest articles on Esports, gaming and parenting can visit the website for more information.

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