Elaine Welteroth on new motherhood, learning to cook for her family

Elaine Welteroth on new motherhood, learning to cook for her family

Courtesy of Elaine Welteroth

For more than a decade, award-winning journalist, author and television host Elaine Welteroth has been reporting and making headlines. As she steps into her new role of motherhood, she has given a lot of thought to family and tradition, which makes her a new partnership with Ninja quite timely. The multi-hyphen known for his work at teen vogue, Project trackand The speech, recently collaborated with her mother to create a recipe that combines elements of her African American, German and Irish heritage and is also designed for busy moms. (Smoked cabbage soup with smoked sausage and potatoes, and cornbread fritters.) She challenges ESSENCE readers to do the same – create a recipe that speaks to their heritage and tells a story – and share their #RecipeofMe via social media.

We spoke with Elaine about bonding with family through food, self-care, and the type of mother she hopes to be.

ESSENCE: With all the things you have right now, why was it important for you to do this partnership?

Elaine Welteroth: When I consider a new partnership or a new project, I have to go to a “yes from hell”. If it’s not hell yes, it’s a no. This partnership with Ninja was a big yes for me because it corresponded to my personal priorities in this new season of my life. I am transitioning into motherhood, focusing on self-care, figuring out how to feed myself and my family, and also reconnecting with my own family. And for me, food is at the center of that. You know what I mean? Food is an opportunity for your community to come together. Food is cultural. Food is emotional. In some cases, the food is spiritual. I feel like I’m reconnecting with this joy of cooking and reconnecting with my family. I’m also developing this life skill that I want to be good at. I’ve never been very good at it, but I’m inspired to get good now.

What was the process of developing your recipe?

It took time because I come from a very culturally diverse background. So the idea of ​​trying to figure out how to merge soul food with ancestral German and Irish foods is not the easiest task. It took a while, but it was a great trip. My mom ended up telling me a lot about my grandmother’s cooking philosophy and the things they had in common when it came to how they fed their families. My grandmother had four children and was a working mother. My mother has two children and she is a working mother. It was important to them to prepare the hearty Sunday meals that their family could eat all week. They didn’t have much time. It had to be simple, easy and something they could expand on, you know? I feel like this recipe is that kind of recipe.

Why is it important to you to cook for your family?

Well, first of all, it’s part of the family tradition. My mom is an amazing cook and some of my favorite memories growing up are vacationing around the dinner table with my family, eating my mom’s food. And I want to be that kind of mom. I want to learn to do this. Also, on a more practical, everyday level, I want to learn how to feed myself and my family. I was really addicted to takeout for a very long time. I’ve always been this workaholic running from job to job. I’m the kind of person who forgets to eat and I can’t afford to be like that anymore.

For me, this postpartum [period] represents an opportunity to slow down a bit and reorient my relationship to food and prioritize eating and nurturing myself. I have to do it so that I present myself for my family, as I want to present myself, as my mother presented herself for me. So, for the first time in my life, I am prioritizing self-care as a service to my new family.

Any advice for people entering the Recipe of Me contest?

Don’t just post a random recipe. Sit down with the people who mean the most to you throughout your life and learn the stories behind the recipes they’ve shared with your family, and find a way to come up with a creative recipe that draws influences from your culture. , from your childhood and have fun with it. And then obviously you share it with the people in your life, through dinner, share it with the world on Instagram and your community.

Have you ever shared your recipe with your family and friends?

We organized a dinner for our two years of marriage. This was my first opportunity to create and share my recipe of me. It was really special and really adorable. I just hope when people see this they’ll be inspired to do the same and get their people together, have a dinner party and reconnect. We have lived in this time of isolation for so long. So more than ever, that means getting your people together around the dinner table, over your favorite dishes, and reconnecting.

Consumers can now enter for a chance to win a Ninja™ Foodi™ NeverStick® PossiblePan™ and a $100 grocery credit to host an intimate dinner party to reunite with loved ones and serve up their winning recipe. Participate by posting your “recipe of me” on social media, tagging #RecipeofMe and @ninjakitchen. One hundred lucky winners will be encouraged to use their Ninja PossiblePan™ and grocery credit to host a dinner where they will reunite with their loved ones who helped shape them and recreate their winning recipe.

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