‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ is a movie about motherhood | National Catholic Register

Actress Elizabeth Olsen arrives for the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ at the Dolby Theater on May 2, 2022, in Los Angeles, California.

At a time when the country is anxiously awaiting the SCOTUS decision on abortion, a film centered on motherhood became the highest-grossing film of the year.

My sons and I saw the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness last weekend. Always big fans of Marvel movies, we were excited to see this one. I hadn’t paid so much attention to the plot before I left; I just thought it would be fun to see it with my kids. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was all centered around motherhood.

I’m not giving anything away, as the viewer discovers all of this within the first 20 minutes or so, but the premise is this: Avenger Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) has discovered that she has two very nice boys in the multiverse – basically a parallel universe – and she is determined to achieve them.

She’s so desperate for the kids that she’s willing to wreak havoc and destruction on her world and even kill to get to those boys. This shows how powerful her desire for motherhood is. In fact, at one point she says she dreams of them every night and then wakes up with the nightmare of not having them.

I find it extremely ironic that at a time when the country is anxiously awaiting the SCOTUS ruling on abortion, a film centered on motherhood is the highest grossing movie of the year so far.

It just shows the disconnect between the motherhood of the children born and the motherhood of the unborn children.

This disconnect is where society has failed. If we want to move our culture towards a culture of life rather than death, it is on this disconnection that we must focus. It starts with education. And it starts with young people.

It is young people who are inundated by social networks. These are the ones that organizations like Planned Parenthood focus on. They are the ones who just do not seem to understand the personality of the unborn child. They are taught to “follow science” in so many aspects of life, but they are also taught to reject or deny science when it comes to an unborn child. Instead, they are taught “my body, my choice.”

And not only that, but they’re being bullied and brainwashed by the histrionics of bands whose members can shout the loudest – by bands whose members dress like characters from shows such as The Handmaid’s Tale and interrupt religious services, groups that advocate violence against the Eucharist and who organize demonstrations outside the homes of judges, and by countless other women who cry hatred and vitriol to anyone who dares to teach that an unborn child must have the right to be born.

It will get worse before it gets better. But that just means we have to stand firm in our beliefs. We can only do this through prayer and education.

We must pray daily for unborn babies and their mothers. We must pray for strength and compassion. And then you have to teach. Education is a multi-faceted endeavor. We start by teaching children from an early age that a human being exists from the moment the sperm cell fertilizes the egg cell. We must explain and show pictures of these babies and call them what they are: babies. Older children can learn more information about the developing baby. Teenagers and young adults must then learn to articulate these beliefs. It is imperative that we give them models and examples of people of their age to imitate.

In addition, we must fight the lies conveyed on social networks. Teens and young adults spend countless hours on TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube. These platforms are like a giant octopus whose tentacles grab, suck and never let go. If that’s all young people watch and hear, they’ll never know the truth. Indeed, they will not even know the sense of truthfor that word has been twisted to mean opinion.

Young people are desperate to fit in and integrate. It’s completely natural. But what is not natural is to deny the truth in order to get along.

In so many films, we see the beauty and wonder of children. We see mothers overcome monumental obstacles to save their children. We see the parent/child bond. The motherhood of a born baby is portrayed as something healthy, as something good, as something natural. Yet many also want abortion to be portrayed as something natural.

This disconnect between love for an unborn baby and love for a born baby is real, but it’s not something we can’t overcome. The living nightmare of Wanda waking up and having no children is something so many women face after an abortion. These women were told that abortion would be an “easy way out” and then they could go on with their lives. But, for many, this is a lie.

As pro-life people, it is our duty to teach that this nightmare must not come true. It is our job to teach love to both mom and baby. It’s our job to spread the word that there is help for those who find themselves in a surprise pregnancy. And it’s our job to work every day to make the abortion nightmare a thing of the past.

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