Bay City Divorce Attorney Whitney L. Thompson Explains Co-Parenting During and After Divorce in Texas

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Bay City Divorce Lawyer Whitney L. Thompson publishes a new article ( explaining co-parenting during and after a divorce in Texas. The lawyer mentions that obtaining a divorce can be a very tense time for a divorcing couple. Sharing assets and determining custody arrangements can lead to disagreements and further increase tension.

“The first step in co-parenting during divorce is always to communicate with your children about what is going on. While you may fear their disappointment or sadness, it’s often better to have this discussion sooner rather than later so your kids know what to expect,” says the Bay City Divorce Lawyer.

Bay City Divorce Lawyer

The lawyer explains that a couple can choose to discuss the divorce with their children together. In this way, both will be able to affirm that the children are loved and that they will be loved even if the parents are separated. It will also be good if the parents are able to assure the children that they have no fault in the divorce and that they will continue to see both parents in the future.

Lawyer Whitney L. Thompson also says it’s important that a parent never tell their children about the other spouse. It may seem frustrating for the couple to keep things cordial, however, it is very important that they leave the children out of any heated arguments and try not to argue in front of the children.

In the article, attorney Thompson adds that the couple should also maintain as much stability as possible. This stability means that as far as possible, there should be no changes in the lives of children in school, their friends, as well as family ties. If these changes are inevitable, it will be great to give children enough time to deal with the new things in their lives.

According to the divorce lawyer, “No matter how much you hate your future ex-spouse or husband, a judge will not consider your feelings towards him. Instead, the judge will consider your relationship as a way to better Raising Your Child Although your children need time to adjust and come to terms with their feelings, the way you handle your divorce can help ease or aggravate their pain, in the short and long term.

Finally, the attorney stresses the importance of having a competent divorce attorney when it comes to matters involving a divorce. Having an experienced divorce attorney can help a person understand their rights and achieve a more favorable outcome.

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