17 gifts for best friends

17 gifts for best friends

You can *always* count on them. They are fun to be around. They you (and you them). They share good advice. Best friends are just that – the best! So why not take a moment to celebrate your friendship and all you’ve been through together? Well, there happens to be a day for that. National Best Friends Day falls on June 8, and it’s the perfect time to reserve a moment of gratitude for your best friend(s). To input bruncha picnic outside, video call if he’s away and give him something that says “I love you the most”. After all, we rarely get to tell our friends how much they mean to us. Now is your chance! Read on for more creative ideas.

Make a book about them

Ten reasons why you are my best friend ($37)

Write 10 reasons why your best friend is important to you and turn them into an illustrated book! Fill it with your favorite memories, insert fun photos and make them feel extra special that day and every day.

Turn a special place into jewelry

Personalized Talia Sari Jewelry

Personalized Talia Sari Jewelry ($160)

Mark your road trip across the country, your city fresh out of college, your European vacation together – any place in the world with that special connection – by designing a piece of jewelry (a necklace, a ring, earrings or even a brooch) as a keepsake. You can move and move the card, add an enamel heart or bead marker, and give her a special keepsake.

Create art together

Artvu00e4na Subscription Box

Artväna Subscription Box ($45/month)

Bring out their inner artist (and yours!) with these sets designed to help you reap the therapeutic benefits of art while developing your skills. Get supplies, tutorials, a mantra card, and reflection worksheets all wrapped up for you each month!

Take a class together

Brit + Co Courses

Brit + Co Courses ($10/month)

Whether you are remote or in person, find a class that meets your interests: cooking, baking, art, design, gardening, etc. You will have fun doing it together and you will have a reason to get together, win-win!

Make a puzzle together

Traveling in Roadtrip puzzles

Traveling in Roadtrip puzzles ($22)

Puzzles are making a comeback with new designs like this one from Spanish artist Ana Hard. Relax at home with your favorite playlist, snacks and drinks, and get to work on this 500 piece jigsaw puzzle while you catch up!

Cook a meal together

The Lunar Cycle Cookbook

The Lunar Cycle Cookbook: A Holistic Nutrition Guide for a Well-Balanced Menstrual Cycle ($16)

If you’re best friends who spend a lot of time together, you’re probably in sync at this time of the month. In The Lunar Cycle Cookbook, bakery founder Devon Loftus and nutritionist Jenna Radomski share what happens hormonally during each of the four phases of your menstrual cycle with recipes to go along with. Do you have cramps? Add more cocoa to your diet. Mood swings? A sweet potato brownie is just what you need. This delightful wellness guide demystifies period health, educates you on your unique needs, and offers self-care ideas along the way.

Book a photo session


Shoot (Free 30-minute shot; $30/photo)

Who said families and couples can only have fun? Mark your best friendship with a professional photo session with a local photographer. Dress up, take fun photos together (and laugh about it later), and use the time to get a career photo or dating app while you’re at it. (Shoott Photo via crowned photography)

Create a video book

Legacy Video Books

Legacy Video Books (10 minute book, $49)

Are the videos of you two having the best of times just sitting on your phone? Turn them into a fun book! Heirloom lets you create personalized video books. Each book is fully loaded and videos play automatically when they open the cover!

encourage them

You make a great banner

Imani Collective You’re doing well Banner ($20)

Shower your friends with positive affirmations with these charming banners from Imani Collective. The company sells ethically produced household items that are handcrafted by artisans in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Write a thank you letter

Journal Gratitude Paper

Journal Gratitude Paper ($35)

Show your appreciation by writing a letter of thanks to your best friend and share this journal to help them cultivate an ongoing practice with daily prompts and monthly check-ins.

Walking his dog

Apple Pie Paint-By-Number Pet Paint

Apple Pie Paint-By-Number Pet Paint ($65+)

Join your pal for a walk with his furry best friend (or offer to do it for him) and to show how much you love them both, share this adorable paint-by-number dog portrait – painted or as a gift for your BFFs to do!

taste of wine

the winegrowers select

The Winegrowers’ Selections ($49)

If you can’t make it to wine country for a girls’ weekend, share this selection of six wines from around the world, from crisp whites to full-bodied reds. Good tasting !

Send a virtual hug


Giften Market Virtual Hug Gift Box ($65)

If your favorite friend lives in another state, send this grooming kit of cozy socks, soap, face and hair mask, and card.

make them laugh

Poultry Tongue Bird Coffee Mug

Poultry Tongue Bird Coffee Mug ($15)

For coffee lovers or birdie friends ;), this mug with nine cheeky bird names is a hoot!

Treat ’em like a queen

Queen V Pop Sparkling bubble bath

Queen V Pop Sparkling bubble bath ($14)

Give her a reason to take a relaxing bath with this microbiome-friendly, pH-balanced bubble bath. Enriched with green tea, mango and chamomile extracts and free of parabens and colorants, this is a bath she’ll want to soak in 4 times!

Have your portrait taken

u200bCustom Portrait

Custom portrait ($10+)

Hand-drawn digitally, these prints are the perfect way to preserve a cherished photo of the two of you.

What are you planning for National Best Friends Day? Share with us @BritandCo and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for even more gift ideas.

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Photo presented by Jed Villejo on Unsplash


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